Poverty Education and Simulation Programs

The National Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has adopted the motto, “End Poverty Through Systemic Change.” Here in Rhode Island, we fully endorse that goal, and know that education about poverty is a key element in achieving it. Using the “Bridges Out of Poverty” paradigm pioneered by Dr. Ruby Payne and developed by aha! Process, we provide seminars on “Understanding Poverty” for members of the Society, social service partners, schools, churches, and the general public. We also organize “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World” workshops for our motivated friends struggling to escape generational poverty.

Poverty Education is New to Next Gen, but has already Begun!

A group of Next Gen Members gathered for a fun day and learned how it is like first hand living in poverty through a Simulation Workshop.

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2016 April Break Poverty Simulation

On Friday, April 22, members of our Next Gen took part in a day-long Poverty Simulation program at St. Mark’s Church in Cranston. Taking time out of their April Break, 15 high school and college students participated in a simulation in order to gain perspective on the trials and tribulations the poor and marginalized in the United States face on a daily basis. Throughout the day, Next Gen members not only learned some important life lessons, but also managed to have a  lot of fun! A special thank you to Claudia Jackvony for all of her help to make the simulation a success, as well as our great youth participants!